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We provide a neutering and spaying service to both dogs and cats. The benefits of neutering your pet far outweigh the risks of surgery and the procedure is strongly recommended by both the RSPCA and the British Veterinary Association. Pets should be able to go home the next day. Benefits include:

 •  Reduction in unwanted litters and overpopulation

 •  Various long-term health benefits have been recorded

 •  Can reduce nuisance behaviour in pets of both sexes

 •  Can limit straying and make pets stay closer to home

When is the best time for neutering?

Traditionally, dogs and cats were not neutered until six months of age. Current scientific data indicates that there are no disadvantages to neutering cats or dogs earlier. As all pets are different, give us a call to discuss the best option for your situation.

We'll take good care of your faithful friend. Call for an appointment today.

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